i improve lives through integrated wellness and strength coaching.


At the intersection of strength and conditioning, physical therapy, and wellness you will find Performance IQ San Diego. My integrated approach leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your performance and well being. 


youth camps

Strength and conditioning camps targeting at helping students be fully prepared for fall sports.

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Distance Coaching

Custom workouts designed for you without the cost of hiring a personal trainer.

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Performance Coaching

Athletic-inspired coaching designed to bring out your competitive side while achieving your performance goals.

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Beach Volleyball Training

A highly regimented program geared to the beach volleyball player looking to take their game to the next level.

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When it comes to strength coaches, Rudy Thomas is Head and Shoulders above the rest! Training with Rudy has taken both my fitness & mobility to the next level. At the start of our training Rudy completed a comprehensive fitness & mobility evaluation on me to evaluate my strengths and areas needing improvement and put together a training program custom made for me. During the workout Rudy is 100% focused on me and ensuring my technique is spot on throughout every exercise. He always maintains a very high energy level and is motivational during the entire workout without trying to push me past my limits.
In short Rudy is the best I have ever worked with! If you want to take your performance to the next level give him a call.
— Scott Hodge
As a volleyball skills development coach I focus on the body and how it can be controlled in order to achieve specific actions. I have sent my athletes to Rudy Thomas for some time now for a similar outcome. His focus on specific movement patterns and injury prevention compliments my program requirements. His experience and expert level understanding of sports performance has helped to complete the full circle of training for my athletes. I will continue to work with him and grow my program.
— Jordan Wendelken
Training with Rudy has literally been a game changer. Despite my multiple injuries and a very hectic schedule, Rudy has always been easy to work with, a great motivator and a professional. He has absolutely improved my core and leg strength, coached me through difficult setbacks, has the sport specific knowledge to train the way I want, and is truly concerned about my health and well being both in and outside of the gym. Ask Rudy to help you exceed what you thought possible with your goals, your body and your game.
— Jan Schwarz