At Performance IQ San Diego we set ourselves apart with our comprehensive assessment and scientifically administered strength and conditioning protocol that will dramatically enhance your athletic performance and personal wellness. 

Prepare yourself for a highly motivating atmosphere of athletes coaching athletes - no matter what your level - be it current, former, future or aspiring athlete - you have a home at Performance IQ San Diego. 

Rudy Thomas Performance IQ San Diego headshot

Rudy Thomas

Owner and President

Growing up I was always athletic and played every sport offered, but i was still missing something. At age 15 I was introduced to the weight room (ours was literally the boiler room in my high school), which allowed me to see first-hand how a training program can impact a person’s performance, health, and sense of well being.

I earned my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Boise State University. From there I worked as a strength coach at the University of Iowa, Marquette University, and the University of California - San Diego before deciding to embark on this adventure.  

While I have many certifications, the few that I’m most proud of are the CSCS, RKC (Russian Kettlebell) and the CSCCA (Collegiate Strength Coaches Certification) where I won the John Stuckey award.

I’m also certified in the functional movement screen (FMS) and USA Weightlifting (USAW). 

My passions are helping others experience success, beach volleyball and surfing.