Bring It Home – Super Simple DIY On How To Make a Home Gym

So I did an informal survey amongst my clients about a Commercial Gym Vs. Home Gym. Putting cost aside (because thatll probably need its own blog post), these were the most popular responses.

Pros of Going to a Commercial Gym:

1. People-watching from the elliptical (Admit it.)   

I'd throw both of those DB's out immediately 

I'd throw both of those DB's out immediately 

2. Pressure to push a little harder so you look like a real badass.

3. Access to different machines, weights, etc.

Cons of Going to a Commercial Gym (tip of the iceberg):

1. The commute – Youre already not feeling your 6am workout. A drive to a gym might just be the hurdle that makes you hit the snooze button. And if there’s not parking...well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.

2. Stinkiness – put that many sweaty humans in the same room and thats what you get.

3. The guy grunting….like this guy.... – Seriously. Why?

4. The dude who is always curling in the squat rack (should have his membership revoked!)

Pros of a Home Gym

1. No need to get dressed up. Those old bleached sweatpants will be just fine.

2. Your own shower and fridge for your post-workout grooming regimen and power meal

3. Choice of music. Maybe hearing Rihanna on repeat is not your thing?

4. Its always open.  

5. Décor. Wouldnt it be nice to choose the poster you stare at while doing cardio?

(Perceived) Cons of a Home Gym (ß you see what I did there?)

1. Not enough space

2. No expensive fitness equipment

3. Lack of direction

So from the title of this post, you know Im going to tell you that home gyms are great. Distance coaching gives my clients a lot of flexibility with schedule and availability. My programs can also be used virtually anywhere there are a few basic tools. Why have a restriction on what time you can workout or wait around for your turn in the Squat Rack?

You think you need this

Almost there:-)

Almost there:-)

but really you could get away with this

What mine started out as...

What mine started out as...

DIY for Creating a Home Gym

Like a well-balanced meal, every workout should consist of some combination of the following elements so every gym should have the basic tools for each of these areas:

1. Mobility/Stability/Movement (this is the stuff that helps us feel good and function better)

Tools Needed: Foam Roller, stretch band,  A Jump Rope, Hurdles, Kettlebells (small) and/or Minibands.

That's not me in case anyone was wondering

That's not me in case anyone was wondering

This phase of your workout will require the most amount of space, which isnt much. Pushing the coffee table against a living wall or clearing off the deck would do it, or parking your car in the driveway instead of the garage if you really want to posh it up.

2. Power (because not all of us are 25 anymore and we lose power with age...damn!)

Tools: Medicine Balls, Barbells, Plate Weight, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Hurdles and/or Boxes (for jumping on)

I just love these cartoonish pictures.

I just love these cartoonish pictures.

These tools are so versatile that this selection would probably be all you ever needed for most of my programs. But even just a couple of these will start you out. If it feels like too much of an investment, I recommend starting with a couple of these basics and then phasing in more toys every couple of months. This also keeps it new and fun.

3. Strength

Tools: Barbells, Plates, Bench, Dumbbells or Kettlebells, TRX and/or Pull-up bar

I prefer Kettlebells to Dumbbells, because theyre versatile and space efficient and you dont need as big of a selection of Kettlebells. Also, the TRX is really the Swiss army knife of fitness tools, since you can do a litany of exercises with it. And the pull-up bar doesnt take much space and is key to a home gym.

Look for my upcoming blog about how to use a combination of these fitness tools to create a well-rounded home workout.