Quick Holiday Workouts - Installment #3 - Christmas Edition

Hey PIQ readers, coach Rudy back for my third installment of quick and dirty workouts you can do when time is something you don’t have a lot of. The last workout we did Goblet Squat, SLDL and TGU and all we needed was a single kettlebell.

In today’s installment we’re going to add in a little ground work as well as some lunging. The common theme, as always, will be that the following will be quick, effective and challenging from a movement perspective. The best part, all you’ll need is a single kettlebell.  Here’s an inside look.


Here’s what you’ll need

Equipment: 1 Kettlebell 16-24k

Time: 20 minutes

Space: A little more this week - enough to crawl - I’ll explain further

Attitude: Outstanding!

Effort: Fantastic! (Never gonna change!)


The exercises

2H -KB Swing



Reverse Lunge




Backwards Crawl




KB Swing - 15 reps

Reverse Lunge - 5e leg

Backwards Crawl - 10 yds out and back (20 yards total)


Set 1: 5min work - 2min rest

Set 2: 4min work - 1.5min rest

Set 3: 3min work - 1min rest

Set 4: 2min -DONE!


The Workout

As you may have noticed….some new exercises this week. Backward Crawl? Here’s the Skinny - The backward crawl mimics pressing vertically. It gives us a safe, effective, and what you are sure to agree is a fun way to regress the overhead press. Other reasons include the coordination (industry term - contralateral movement) and core strength that crawling demands. Along with incorporating brand new movements, we’ll also be utilizing a brand new way of getting after it! Here’s what you’ll do - Complete 15 reps of swings, grab the KB by the horns and hold it goblet style (up to your chest) and complete 10 total reps of reverse lunges, and finish by crawling 10 yds out and back. Your goal is to complete as many cycles of that sequence as you can in 5 minutes, then rest 2 minutes. The next round will start following that break and it will last 4 minutes followed by a 1.5 minute rest period. The third round will be 3 minutes in length followed by a 1 min rest and the 4th and final round will commence following that 1 minute rest period and will last 2 minutes. Then you are done! Altogether the total work time is 14 minutes. With rest it works out to 18.5 minutes.That’s it!

Wrapping it up

Don’t be fooled by the relative short total work time. This one is a doozy and if you haven't crawled since you were a tiny tot, let alone in a workout - you’re in for a challenge. Big time! But Rudy, there’s no upper body….Give this one a go and tell me after if you needed an extra push or pull. I think you’ll find that this workout is very sneaky in it’s full body(ness). As always, have a great time with this one and stayed tuned for more.  Until then, move with purpose!