Quick Holiday Workouts - Installment #1

Its that time of year again. Holiday parties every weekend, shopping for Christmas gifts, drinks by the fire, cookies, egg nog (I like junk food)…..working out tends to get driven farther down the list than it already is. With time at a premium and motivation low, we need workouts that can give us the most bang for our buck, help us preserve a little muscle, and stave off those unwanted holiday pounds.

I’m starting a series of quickie workouts, most can be done in 20 minutes or less. If you are someone who happens to have a few kettlebells and other assorted pieces of workout equipment laying around your house (obviously not collecting dust) these workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home -or garage in my case.

Quick workouts used to be thought of as incomplete workouts, something we threw together just to say we did something. The following is anything but that. You’ll find it not only full body but also challenging. And the best part - the necessary equipment is very minimal - nothing fancy required.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Equipment: 1 Kettlebell -16k-28k

Time: 15 minutes

Space: Just enough for you and the Kettlebell

Attitude: Outstanding!

Effort: Even better!!

The Exercises:

Single Arm Swings


1-Arm Rows



The workout:

Ok, so here’s what you’ll do. Take your Kettlebell perform 10 swings each arm. Then 10 pushups (5 twisting to the right, 5 twisting to left) and finally 10 rows each arm. For rest, take only as long as you need, then start the next set beginning with 8 reps each arm for swings, 8 pushups and 8 one arm rows each. You will continue to count down until you’ve reached 2. Now, depending on how you feel, you can work your way back up or finish with 5-10 minutes of Yoga or static stretching (whatever feels good and helps you cool down and shift gears back to human mode). This workout -including the 5-10 minutes of yoga -should take you about 20 minutes (not including a quick warm-up...time permitting).

Wrapping it all up

You can walk away from this one feeling confident that you’ve hit major muscle groups in the upper and lower body, got enough volume to make it count and probably mixed in a little conditioning based upon your choosen rest time. Have a great time with this one and stayed tuned for more.  Until then, move with purpose!