Can we eat healthy in a hurry?

I was on my way home at the end of a 13+ hr work day thinking "I'm f*&king starving,what am I going to eat tonight?" That same (potty mouth) internal dialogue is likely had by countless people (coaches and everyone else) nearly every night of the week. Admittedly not everyone's situation is as tenable as mine.  It's relatively easy for me to navigate the "what the heck am i going to eat before I pass out" problem, being that my life is somewhat simple (i.e. i don't have kids).  Whether your reality is similar to mine (meaning dinner for one or two) or it's dinner for you plus some, I'll tell you how you can make a healthy dinner in a hurry (and why you should). 

Before I get started - I am going to make a couple of assumptions. One, that you have a protein in the house, preferably thawed or freshly bought. The other being along those exact same lines and that is that you actually have healthy nutritious food, such as vegetables, in your house ready to be prepared. Assuming we're on the same page, we can move forward. If not, make a B-line to the nearest grocery store. 

Incidentally, food acquisition, and food preparation are two completely different topics that require two unique blog I eluded to, this post will pertain to the latter. 

Once again, assuming there is food in the house ready to be prepped, we have many time efficient options for making a healthy delicious dinner. 

I'll give you an example of mine tonight. As I mentioned earlier, I was driving home thinking about what I had in the house and what I could do with it. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I will not be featured on any of HGTV's many popular cooking shows...anytime soon! However, that doesn't mean I can't put something tasty together in a hurry. Back to what I made tonight...I'm driving thinking, "Ok, I have a 1.25lb package of ground turkey thawed out and ready to go." Bam, protein taken care of.  I'm very simple when it comes to how i cook proteins...typically if its turkey or ground beef I simply brown it in a pan with a variety of seasonings and I'm good.  I also had a yellow squash, zucchini, an onion, and an orange bell pepper.  Once again, no one will ever mistake me for a French chef, but I do know how to chop veggies. I chopped up the squash, zucchini, onion, pepper and sauteed them together in a pan with a little butter and olive oil. Easy, quick, and delicious. 

What i just described is very indicative of many of my meals, I'll simply switch up the proteins, the seasonings and the vegetables but I'll keep the preparation very simple -which typically equals fast and easy meals even when the thought of cooking makes me want to run into traffic.

The bottom line is this - If you have a busy, full and fast paced life (and who doesn't these days) you don't have to lose your mind in order to eat like an adult. However, in order to maintain that fast lane lifestyle it's going to take some sound and simple nutritional strategies. Buy some meat, pick up some veggies, grab a sweet potato or squash and you're set.

Of course you don't have to - as is evident by America's waistline it's easy to do otherwise, however there are always repercussions.  At best you won't have the energy to maintain your lifestyle or to do the things your enjoy. At worst, well, it'll just be worse which sucks. What I described above may sound boring, but boring may be what you need in order to get into the routine of consistently buying and preparing healthy meals--no matter how late it is or how tired you are. Eating healthy can look like this

This meal probably took less than 10 mins

This meal probably took less than 10 mins

It doesn't have to look like this

I do love Thanksgiving though!

I do love Thanksgiving though!

My point is unless you have your routine nailed down and are a whiz at cooking - your food doesn't need to be entertainment worthy. It just needs to be quick, easy, and good for you. Don't over complicate things.