Blast Off!!! Here we go!


(This pic has nothing to do with the blog. I just love Transformers)

If you are reading this blog, you're interested in fitness. Awesome. Perfect. So am I.  

From organized sports to surfing to weight training, my mind, body and soul are happiest when I’m in motion. And I hope this is the case for you because life is about motion.

Some people have a knack for numbers. Others have an eye for style. I happen to be really interested in the human body and its capacity to perform. Who reads articles on “Functional Medicine” and “The Art of Coaching” in their spare time? This guy! When you have that kind of passion about something, you just want to share it.

But my blog is just the tip of that iceberg because I have a better idea. We all know we should workout? It’s part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps us young and vibrant. So you go to the gym, but you don’t have all the technical and practical background in fitness that you need and hiring a personal trainer is not economical. So what do you do? Maybe you wander around the free weights for a while, doing a set here or a set there before eventually finding your way to the elliptical. Does that sound like you or someone you know? Or scenario two, you go over to the free weights only to be intimidated by the guy in the string tank top screaming at the top of his lungs every rep (so annoying!).  So what then? If you’re like most you head back over to familiar territory and  hop from machine to machine. Now, something is better than nothing, but if you are reading this I am guessing that just ok is not good enough!

What if I was able to be your coach, share what I have learned over the years, and it wouldn’t require any logistical maneuvering?  What if I could improve your form, increase your productivity, prioritize your time while also helping you become more fit? What if I could do all that without it costing you a fortune and without us having to cherry pick each other’s schedules? Well, it’s possible and it’s called “distance coaching” aka remote coaching, aka online coaching.  If it sounds too good to be true, trust me it’s not all that far fetched...Closer to Science Fact than Science Fiction, in fact it’s probably the lowest barrier of entry into the world of coach designed training.

It’s always been my experience that for peak performance, whether it be in life, sports or what have you, we must sometimes be propelled forward with a plan, a program and the motivation to carry it out. That doesn’t always come naturally and that's why I'm here.

But let’s get to know each other a little first…

I'm Rudy Thomas. I’ve been a D1 strength and conditioning coach, I’ve run corporate fitness and, in addition to Distance Coaching, I do one-on-one or small group Performance Coaching, Beach Volleyball Specific Performance Training and  Youth Strength and Agility Camps.

In my blog, you'll find a variety of topics, mostly fitness related. In the pipeline, there’s great information and instruction, including example videos to really get the picture. And there’ll be the occasional tangent. Because, after all, I’m human and some things are just too interesting/cool/weird/unacceptable not to be discussed. But I’ll keep it simple, informative and fun and I want to hear from you. Think of it as a community and speak up! We are all better for it.

My goal is to give you the Information , the Plan, the Program and the Motivation to achieve your goals.

Sound cool? So let's do this.

p.s. If you weren’t repulsed by everything you read today, then take a second to look around my website. I’d love to hear from you.