Offseason.....It's HERE!!!

                 Are You Ready? The Offseason is HERE!

“It’s the offseason,” you think. “March is a long way off,” you say. But you and I both know what you should be doing in the offseason - working on your speed, agility and footwork; power, strength training, core conditioning and using corrective exercises to up your game. Because March is a long way off… until it's not.

Just as you are looking to elevate your game to the next level, PIQ is elevating its game. This offseason, training will be at Bishops HS in La Jolla. As an athlete in the program, you’ll have access to everything you could want - from turf to a large weight room, training room, and multiple strength coaches (myself and Charles Johnson, Head Strength Coach at Bishops School).

Here’s how it works. We start at 5:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays with movement prep, speed and agility work on the turf followed by an hour in the weight room. (Expect to arrive around 5:20 for soft tissue work and any corrective exercise.)

In addition to your scheduled Mon/Wed training sessions, there is also a Friday lift session that can be done at various times throughout the day, schedule permitting. More details on this at the first workout.

I did say challenging, right? So there’s also “homework”. Before you shake your head in disgust, remember… As with any other health, fitness or sport-related pursuit, your daily practices will make the difference as you push your body to its capacity.

A daily “debrief” following each training session gives us a chance to talk about habit change, daily nutritional challenges and ways to optimize your fueling strategy. Daily nutritional logs are highly recommended.

This is a fun, fast-paced culture of intense training, coaching, and testing your limits.

Here is a breakdown of the training week:

Monday: 530pm group speed work followed by group lift

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 530pm group lateral speed and agility work followed by group lift

Thursday: Hill sprints at Kate Sessions Park

Friday: *Individual or small group multidirectional footwork followed by a lift

*Friday’s can be done solo or in pairs/small groups, this day will be schedule dependent

Sat/Sun: Drills/Games/Rest

Space is limited to 10 athletes, male or female. Reserve your spot. Details below.

First session: 12 weeks -36 scheduled sessions (MWF)

Place: Bishops High School

Address: 7607 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Dates: September 19th – Dec 14th

When: M/W 5:30pm - 7:00pm, F: After 2:30pm or by appointment

Cost: $500 (breaks down to roughly $15 per workout)


1. Is there parking?

Yes, there is street parking as well as visitor parking in the structure off of La Jolla Blvd

2. I travel for work or my other obligations may not allow me to make every session, can I still take part in the program?

Absolutely! While I would encourage everyone to make every session I understand that life happens. Participants can drop in weekly and there is a weekly price associated with that.

3. Can I still show up even though I know I am going to be late?

Once again, not recommended, but things happen. Just get to the workout as soon as you can and we will get you caught up as quickly as possible.

4. What’s the deal with Thursday’s at Kate Sessions?

Hill Sprints are an integral aspect in the program as it relates to building speed and power in the lower body. They’re also great for building an unstoppable engine for long rallies. There will be a Facebook group where everyone can communicate on times to meet. Best case scenario is that you show up with a buddy so you have someone to push you. This will be an “on your own” homework workout.

5. How do Friday’s work?

We won’t have a PM large group run and lift, however starting at 2:30pm or by appointment the weight room will be open and you will be able to drop in either solo or with anyone else from the group and get your multidirectional speed and lift in. Charlie or myself will be there to assist you.

For a more detailed description of what is covered in the sessions, see my Beach Volleyball Training Page. Signup here.