Where did all the time go?


Want to make your workouts more time efficient?

I had an epiphany the other morning (yes I used epiphany, and yes I misspelled it about 3x before getting it right) - i waste a lot of time in my soft tissue maintenance and warm-up. Anyone who knows me knows that I geek out on workout preparation, however my warm ups were getting ridiculous - some creeping up north of 30 minutes (i blame it on old knees). Knowing myself I typically leave plenty of time for my workouts, however that morning was different and I was pressed for time. Instead of panicking and bagging the whole thing. I put myself on the clock.


What do I mean? Well, if you are anything like me that 5 minute foam rolling session can turn into 15 minutes in the blink of an eye. I start out with great intentions of being efficient and before I know it I’m thinking of what I have to do the rest of the day or all the bacon I’m going to eat after I’m done.  I absolutely couldn’t zone out this particular day so I set my foam rolling to an interval timer. Clearly not a novel concept by any means. If you have not tried you would be surprised how fast that 30 sec or 1 min goes.

foam rolling.jpg

It went so well for my SMR that I used it for my mobility work as well. As limiting as you would think it would be it actually allowed me to fit more into time I had designated for SMR and joint mobility.

Here’s what I do

Grab your gymboss or iphone or whatever you have that has an interval timer on it. Set it for the number of rounds/body parts that you want to foam roll. Then off you go. I usually concentrate of specific area’s that I know are tight or that correspond with the workout that I have planned. This shouldn't take more than 5-6mins. My advice would be to if you are feeling like you need some extra work, set your interval timer for 30sec sets and include more body parts. If however you are good with hitting just the parts that are a problem for you, then keep it to 1 min per set and attack fewer areas.

This is a gym boss. You should have one if you're reading this. Link above.

This is a gym boss. You should have one if you're reading this. Link above.

My routine typically looks like this.

Foam Roll:

R Lat -30sec

L Lat-30sec

Right Quad-30sec

Left Quad-30sec

Right Adductor-30sec

Left Adductor-30sec

Right Calf-30sec

Left Calf-30sec

Back -1min

Bam! 5 minutes,  and on to mobility. Now, if you need a little discipline on your mobility work as well you can use the same formula. Here’s what I like to do.

Ankle Glides -30sec R/L

Bent leg swings -30sec R/L

Hip Flexor Mob -30sec-R/L

Adductor dip-30sec-R/L

Quadruped rocking -30sec

Quadruped extension rotation-30sec R/L

There it is, 5 minutes and 30 seconds and you’ve done a pretty solid job in tissue maintenance as well as mobility and then you can move on to more dynamic flexibility or to your specific lift prep work.

Warming up is always a good idea, there is no debating that but letting it engulf your workout taking too much time away from the big lifts well that is just silly. Don’t be silly, and as always move with purpose!