If you are an AVP Qualifier, AVP Hopeful, CBVA regular looking to jump to that next ranking or someone serious about upping their beach game, you’ll want to read the following.

As you may or may not have seen in my most recent blog post (http://performanceiqsd.com/blog/2016/9/8/offseasonits-here) I’ve put together an off-season program geared specifically for the beach vb athlete. I, like you am an avid player (although not nearly as skilled as most of you reading this) and because of my love of the game I am committed to pushing it forward...and that is through all of you. You are probably wondering, “is there a cost associated?” of course, because nothing worth doing or having is free. Will it break the bank, heck no. The price of the entire program breaks down to around $15 per training session. I’ll get into more of the particulars toward the end, but having been in this industry for most of my professional life it’s a steal for a structured performance training program

I understand that many of you have regular commercial gym memberships that are relatively very cheap and you may be wondering why do i need this or what’s the difference. I’ll break it down like this - when you go to the gym, you have to think of the workout yourself, push yourself to do it, keep track of what you do yourself and hope that you are doing everything correctly, oh and there is dealing with the facilities as well.

In a coach led PERFORMANCE training environment the program is geared toward athletes. Specifically those athletes looking to jump higher, explode through the sand with more power and quickness and those looking to be stronger and more durable. In addition the program is designed and laid out by experienced strength and conditioning coaches (Charles and myself) as well as meticulously coached so that each exercise is executed to perfection. You’ll be in a group of your peers, so motivation will not be a factor. There is also the environment - it will be a fast paced atmosphere of athletes pushing athletes. You won’t have to worry about anyone doing curls in the squat rack.  

The other differences? Before we ever step foot in the weight room each session will start on the turf with a dynamic warm-up, the emphasis being on specific and proper movement mechanics. Monday;s are for Linear speed (sprinting) technique and development. Think plyos,  bungees, sleds, and competition. Wednesday’s the focus shifts to Lateral Speed and agility. This day is all about optimizing your ability to change direction. Finally, day 3, there is multi-directional speed. On this day we’ll break down the finer points of cutting and learning to transition from moving straight ahead to sideways without any loss of speed. And all that is just what we do on the turf for the first 30-40 minutes of every session.

On the outside chance that you think you may not be ready to jump right in, never fear. Every movement we do on the turf, down to every exercise we do in the weight room can be tailored and modified to meet you where you are at fitness wise.

And lastly, before I lay out the details below, I want to talk about me (and Charlie). So why train with me? What makes me so confident that we can improve your power, strength, speed, and quickness? One word - Experience! Charlie has been the head strength coach at Bishops for nearly 15 years, prior to that he was at Boston University.

I’ve had the good fortune of having been a college strength and conditioning coach for almost a decade. Prior to being the Director of Strength and Conditioning at UCSD (where I worked with Volleyball), I was an assistant strength coach at Marquette University and prior to that an assistant strength coach at the University of Iowa. I’ve been charged with leading some fairly high level teams and athletes. Now i want to lead you! Enough about us, below are the details of the program.


Weekly Training Breakdown (best case scenario)

Monday: 530 pm group speed work followed by group lift

Tuesday: Rest/Drills

Wednesday: 530 pm group lateral speed and agility work followed by group lift

Thursday: Hill sprints at Kate Sessions Park

Friday: *2:30 pm and on -Individual or small group multi-directional footwork followed by a lift

*Friday’s can be done solo or in pairs/small groups, this day will be schedule dependent -like open gym

Sat/Sun: Drills/Games/Rest

The following is what you absolutely need to know:

Space is limited to 10 athletes, male or female.

First session: 12 weeks -36 scheduled sessions (MWF)

Place: Bishops High School

Address: 7607 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Dates: Monday, September 19th – Wednesday, Dec 14th (week of Thanksgiving is off)

When: M/W 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm, F: After 2:30 pm or by appointment

Cost: $500 (breaks down to roughly $15 per workout)



1. Is there parking?

Yes, there is street parking as well as visitor parking in the structure off of La Jolla Blvd

2. I travel for work or my other obligations may not allow me to make every session, can I still take part in the program?

Absolutely! While I would encourage everyone to make every session I understand that life happens. Participants can drop in weekly and there is a weekly price associated with that.

3. Can I still show up even though I know I am going to be late?

Once again, not recommended, but things happen. Just get to the workout as soon as you can and we will get you caught up as quickly as possible.

4. What’s the deal with Thursday’s at Kate Sessions?

Hill Sprints are an integral aspect in the program as it relates to building speed and power in the lower body. They’re also great for building an unstoppable engine for long rallies. There will be a Facebook group where everyone can communicate on times to meet. Best case scenario is that you show up with a buddy so you have someone to push you. This will be an “on your own” homework workout. This is not mandatory.

5. How do Friday’s work?

We won’t have a PM large group run and lift, however starting at 2:30 pm or by appointment the weight room will be open and you will be able to drop in either solo or with anyone else from the group and get your multi-directional speed and lift in. Charlie or myself will be there to assist you.

Should you have any more questions feel free to contact me through Facebook or email at rthomas@performanceiqsd.com

For a more detailed description of what the training will consist of, see my Beach Volleyball Training Page. Or Signup here.

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