I consider everyone an athlete and I want to tap into the athlete in all of us. For most of us, our best memories of ourselves athletically and aesthetically are from our teenage years. We played, we jumped, we sprinted, we crawled, we threw things, and we lifted weights.

No matter if your goals are strength related, weight loss focused, or athletic based, Performance Coaching is about adding the athlete to the executive in all of us grown ups.

Consultation and assessment includes:

  • Goals
  • Training history
  • Injury history -including current movement limitations
  • Movement Quality Assessment
  • Postural and Structural Assessment
  • Performance Tests
  • A little nutrition talk (some may call it guidance)
  • And generally what you’d like to do in your training



Performance coaching is done two ways: 1-on-1, and semi-private (up to three people). No matter which method you choose, everything starts with an initial consultation and assessment.

1 on 1

It’s just me and you, and you’re the star of the show. The investment is a little more, and while the quality of the coaching doesn’t drop during semi-private, with one on one we are able to work through some very specific movement deficiencies that may have been uncovered during the assessment in a slower paced environment. And, sometimes we just want someone’s undivided attention. Never any judgement!


It’s you and a couple buddies working out together, but with your own PERSONALIZED training plan. Semi-private is fun because we all like to be a part of something bigger than ourselves - plus in a training group you get pushed, motivated, and challenged. Talk trash to your buddies and generally have a good time doing it. 

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